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pierce the veil

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Vic Fuentes

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J2 highfiving with their feet…


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their bromance kills me

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Sometimes I wonder if I’m already in love with you.

I’m not gonna write this long ass speech or poem about me professing my undying love for you, because i don’t even believe it’s true. I’m not even sure if it is.

You do things that annoy the fuck out of me. Kiss me in public. Hold my hand. Tell me you love me, repeatedly.

You throw it around like it’s nothing. Like it isn’t this big ass deal. Idk. I hate it when you say that. When you squeeze my hand. When you call my name and i already know that you’re gonna say it. And every single time you do, i answer with, “i know” or sometimes “don’t”

You’re gonna wear it out. I swear.

I wanted to tell you when we were having our pedicab moment near the watertank behind your house that the love i’m used to, the love i know and appreciate, is the one where you show me you love me but you barely say it. So that everytime you do, i know that you’ll mean it.

I like how you make me laugh. How safe I feel in your arms. I like how you can annoy the fuck out of me. I like how optimistic and caring you are. I like how you like to spend time with me. I like how your dick falls off when you find me cute when i do something dumb. I like those things, and other stuff.

I don’t like hugging in public. I don’t want you to kiss me in front of people even if it’s just on the cheek. I don’t want you to tell me you love me every minute of the day, i want you to show it. I’d rather you put your arm around me, than hold my hand.

If you want me to get used to what you’re used to. Don’t pull a 360 on me and change all of that completely.

But if you can’t. If that’s not “you”. It’s fine.

Just leave me alone.

I’m never gonna be like you. I’m never gonna be able to love the way you do. And you want to change that? Well i don’t want to. Because this is all you’re getting from me. Because i don’t want to change for another person. I want to change for myself. And this is not what i want.

Maybe some other time, but definitely not now.


All Time Low being crazy fools in Brixton, UK (c) Adam Elmakias.

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I Love My Friends. Pizza. Hate this Town. Who Wants to Fuck this Skatebord

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